IMMACULATE Greaseproof Collection

Immaculate Papers is a special collection that Arconvert has created to offer endless possibilities in label design projects for the extra virgin olive oil sector.
This amazing range of 100% greaseproof papers can feature designs on the luminous and attractive base of the original textures of the paper.
Immaculate: adj., Perfectly clean, unsoiled, something pure, tidy… The design part of this word, from the concept of evoking something clean, pure, unsoiled. Everything that we associate with this word is exactly the feature that we offer with this paper. We decided the design of these labels would evoke this almost mystical character of the purest white, and the shapes and techniques were to be to meticulous and intricate that they would remind people of small items of jewellery.

In the lines and drawings we can had shapes and embossings reminiscent of pieces of Visgothic religious ad as well as developments of contemporary pieces of jewellery with drawings and geometric shapes. The complete range of labels includes 5 different models for 5 varieties of oil. Each one of these is represented by a geometric shape and is panted as the protagonist on a type of paper. In the PREMIUM range, for example, gold stamping and incredibly delicate finishes are the predominant characteristics, enabling the buyer to visually associate the high quality of appearance with the high quality product it represents.

In the case of SELECTION and ORIGIN, both silver and bronze dominate, once again ensuring a visual association, yet this time, underlining the lower quality of product from the same variety.

Isabel Cabello, Ubeda (Jaén)